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Over 20% of your total occupancy costs can be comprised of building expense passthroughs in addition to the rent. Are these costs in-line with market and do they comport with your lease? We will review the landlord charges and your lease at no cost as part of our ongoing relationship with you. Our facility management experience combined with our CPA resources will provide you with peace of mind.


You know your rate, but Rent is the product of the Rate and the Rentable Square Footage—is the space measurement, including the core factor, correct? How efficient is your space compared to your target program? Are you maximizing revenue from real estate? Find out at no cost.


Your facility should be an asset to your business. Not only should it be built to maximize revenue, but also it needs to be negotiated to protect you from competitive threats to maximize return for your exit strategy.


Our work never replaces your operations manager or practice administrator, it makes their lives easier. We supplement their critical roles by helping them know how to react when change is imposed upon them by their building or landlord. View our recent free seminars for the Practice Management Association and some of DC’s leading dentists.


Whether you need a Fair Market Value study for Stark Law compliance or want to reduce your costs, risks and liabilities through a competitive negotiation, our conflict-free and highly specialized platform will protect the business that you’ve worked hard to build.

“Mike Norris looked at all of our existing leases, presenting pages and pages of information about how problematic they were, some of which had 15 to 20 years remaining on them. Mike said he could assist us, and he’s done that. He understands the populations we serve, what their needs are, and what our business is all about.”


Kathleen Knolhoff, MPH
President and CEO
Community Clinic, Inc.