We have been in touch with so many of you, our valued clients, as this pandemic unfolded. Many of you have learned much more about force majeure, service interruption, business interruption insurance and state & federal small business relief than you ever hoped. Your facilities are critical to your patients, and while the long-term fundamentals of our region are strong for your practices, watching patient volume decline, knowing the lower reimbursements & payments would not be far behind, while scrambling to set up temporary telehealth has been stressful to say the least.

As you know, when we say that we are a full lifecycle healthcare tenant representation firm, we mean it. Understanding your lease in the context of a changing market is essential. Ensuring that you’re being charged appropriately for building passthrough expenses is critical.  Professionally & competitively evaluating & negotiating lease & purchase options, as well as other contracts during design & construction, is key to safeguarding your practice and optimizing your facility to enable growth.

We will always represent you, and never the landlord. We will continue to provide unbiased advice, strong project management and specialized work. As always, please reach out if you need anything.

Stay strong,

Mike Norris
HealthyTenant, Inc.